API Reference for the Kaleido Platform (1.0)

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As a business network full stack platform, Kaleido provides a complete set of API for administrators, network operators and DApps developers.

The administrative endpoints provide full lifecycle operations around platform resources (consortia, environment, nodes, services, etc.) Each participating organization can use the API to fully automate the DevOps pipeline. Most of the resources are scoped to the organization that the logged in user is associated with. Some resources like consortia and environments support decentralized governance.

In a decentralized consortium, no single participant can delete the consortium until all but one participants have left the consortium.

In a decentrallized environment, no single participant can delete the environment until all but one participants have deleted their resources (nodes, services) inside the environment.

Deployment Regions

Kaleido is available in multiple regions. When a user resource like nodes or services is provisioned, a deployment region is determined based on a number of factors. This means the resource may be in a different region than the Kaleido console (the web UI). As such, when calling a Kaleido API, make sure to use the correct hostname for the region that the resource was provisioned in.

API endpoints for different regions are specified in Regional API Endpoints

Query parameters

Most GET endpoint support Mongo query strings.

Resources And Services

The API is organized around the Platform Resources and Services. Platform resources include the foundation components to start a business network, such as consortia, environments, services, integration, etc. Kaleido has a large catalog of services, each providing their own developer-facing API. Each service API is displayed in their own category after the Platform Resources.



Kaleido API for platform resources are authenticated using the Bearer token in the Authorization HTTP header. The token can either be the API Key created in the Kaleido user's account, or the JWT token issued to the user's browser as a cookie after logging in. The JWT token is set to expire in one hour.

Security Scheme Type HTTP
HTTP Authorization Scheme bearer

API Keys

Organization-specific administrative tokens that allow for resource CRUD operations via the Kaleido API. Similar to application credentials, API Keys are onetime-viewable strings and are not stored by the Kaleido backend. These endpoints do not support API Key generation and can only be used to retrieve or edit existing keys.

Get info about the API Keys




API Keys Retrieved


Internal Error


AWS US API base endpoint


AWS EU API base endpoint


AWS Sydney API base endpoint


AWS Seoul API base endpoint


Azure US API base endpoint


Response samples

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  • {

Create a new API Key

Request Body schema: application/json

User defined name for API Key




API Key Updated